A New Look for Shopilly

As the seasons change, so do we. Log into your account, and you’ll notice that we’ve given Shopilly a bit of a makeover to provide you with an even more visual, seamless shopping experience this holiday season. Take a look at some of the changes we’ve made:


Now you can access Window Shop, Inbox, Brands and My Stuff from the top bar on any Shopilly page. The top bar is also where you can navigate to the Settings, provide us with feedback, read up on some FAQs or log out. Just look for your Shopilly ID on the right side of the bar and click on it to view your navigation options.

Include Your Friends
Can’t wait to tell someone when you find a great deal? Invite your friends to discover your best-kept shopping secret by clicking on “Invite Friends” in the top bar.

And, when you’re window-shopping and find a deal you like or you think a friend will like, you can easily share it via Facebook or Twitter. Just mouse over the deal to reveal the sharing buttons. How’s that for being a good friend?

Customized Editor’s Picks

That’s right, the Shopilly editors are hard at work hand-selecting deals for you. You’ll find the Editor’s Picks in Window Shop, next to My Brands and Other Brands. The picks are updated daily, so check back every day!

Link More Email Addresses
You told us that you love the email import feature so much that you want to be able to link more email addresses. Well, we’ve listened – introducing: the ability to link more email addresses to your Shopilly ID! Simply visit the Settings and click on Email Import to link additional email addresses.

Contact Us
Tell us, how did we do? We’d love to hear your feedback about these recent changes. And, as always, stay tuned for even more Shopilly updates and improvements.

Happy shopping!

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