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To our users:

We thank you for being a user of Shopilly. We hope you have found it useful.

We wanted Shopilly to be a free service for its users. There are, however, costs to developing and maintaining a software product like Shopilly, and the infrastructure to keep it running. Unfortunately, we don’t have the financial wherewithal to sustain those costs going forward.

Due to our financial constraints, we regret to inform you that we’ll be discontinuing the Shopilly service, including the website, iPhone app and weekly digest emails, as of July 7th, 2015. You will not have access to your account after that date.

We are sorry for any inconvenience, but depending on how you’ve used the service, you could consider taking these steps:

  • Using our website, if you linked an external email account, you could log in to your Shopilly account and unlink that email address.  No worries if you don’t do this step, the import of emails into Shopilly will automatically cease on the service closure date anyway.
  • If you have given your Shopilly email address to a retailer and want to keep receiving emails from that retailer, you may want to update that account by using another email address.

If you have any questions, email us at support [at] shopilly [dot] com

We are sad that this journey is ending. But we are very grateful that you chose to be part of it.


Shopilly team

Rethink Inbox. Shop Happy.

At last, spring! After a brutal winter filled with record-breaking low temperatures and high snowfall in some areas, we bet that you’re as excited as us to welcome in warmer weather — and, of course, the wardrobe change that comes with it.

As you clean out your closet, use the web app to simultaneously clean out your inbox. You can also download the Shopilly Joy of Shopping app on your iPhone to have the best of shopping at your fingertips. The app is free and designed for personalization and discovery of offers and sales at stores that you love most. Lucky Magazine recently named it one of the “13 Best Spring Cleaning Apps, Websites And Services To Get Your Space Sparkling”.

Using the app, you can easily browse your favorite Shopilly brands, like Anthropologie and Crate & Barrel. It’s like window-shopping, but all from the comfort of your phone!


If an offer catches your eye as you’re browsing, tap on it to view the details. Sold on the offer? You can directly shop and buy from the store within the app.

Social Features and Lists

If you’re not quite ready to make a purchase, create a list within the app and save the offer for later. You can even set yourself a reminder to re-visit the offer before it expires. If you think a friend or family member might be interested in the offer, you can easily share it through email or by posting it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Ready to get started? Download the Shopilly Joy of Shopping app for free here, and log in with your Facebook or Shopilly account. If you’re brand new to Shopilly, it takes just seconds to create a username.

If you already use the app, we’d love to hear what you think! Rate it in the iTunes App Store or use the slide-in menu in the app to send us your feedback.

Wishing you Shopilly Ever After,
the Shopilly team

Decorating for a Happy Thanksgiving

‘Tis that time of the year again, when the skeletons and jack-o-lanterns of Halloween are put aside to make way for Thanksgiving decorations. Here at Shopilly, we’ve been scouring Pinterest for creative new decorating ideas, and we’re inspired by all of the beautiful boards we’ve seen. Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite ideas, along with tips on how to use Shopilly to achieve these festive looks.

Thanksgiving Candle Display

Thanksgiving Candle Display (Better Homes and Gardens via Christi Naler)
The key to putting together an interesting candle display is to vary the candle sizes, shapes and colors. Pier 1 Imports has an impressive selection of candles- we would pick up a few Ember Candles, Spiced Cake Candles and Island Orchard Candles in various sizes to create a display evocative of autumn leaves.

Edible Maple Leaf Napkin Holders

Edible Maple Leaf Napkin Holders (The Gardening Cook via Stacy Shepherd-Jordan)
The only thing better than an artistic napkin holder is an edible artistic napkin holder. This (partially) edible maple leaf napkin holder is simple to put together, but adds so much holiday cheer to any table setting. Bake up some maple leaf-shaped cookies with Williams-Sonoma’s Fall Copper Cookie Cutters, and while your cookies are in the oven, gather the best-looking leaves from your yard. After the cookies have cooled, layer one cookie over a leaf and a Solid Linen Napkin, and tie everything together with a matching ribbon.

Thankful Message Board

Thankful Message Board (Better Homes and Gardens via Lauren Miller)
If you’re having company over for Thanksgiving, leaving out a thankful message board is a fun way to engage your guests and set the mood for the holiday. You can put together a thankful message board with relatively little work- all you need is a few sheets of colorful paper and a photo frame like one of these Black & Gold Wood Gallery Frames from Restoration Hardware. Remove the glass panel from the frame and insert a sheet of colored paper as the background for the message board. For added elegance, use a textured sheet in place of a regular sheet. Cut various leaf shapes out of the remaining sheets of colored paper (hint: trace a leaf-shaped cookie cutter if it helps!), and leave them by the message board for your guests to fill out. You may also want to invest in some removable adhesive putty to attach the leaves to the board.

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!
The Shopilly Team

Fashionbi is Helping Companies Reach Their Potentials

Fashion digital marketing optimization are four words to describe Fashionbi, a company empowering fashion and luxury brands. In this day and age, with the social media boom, brick-and-mortar stores having to not only compete with their next door neighbors but also e-tailers on the web, and the emergence of “omni-channel” retailing, it is increasingly becoming harder and harder for brands to 1) stay afloat with their promotion goals, 2) remain up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry, and 3) track competitor performance and tactics.

That’s where Fashionbi comes in. We’ve decided to spotlight Fashionbi because we love that it is the easiest way to discover, compare, and follow facts and data in the fashion industry: a complete dream for tastemakers and marketing dynamos who converge to share and absorb knowledge and new expertise.


Headquartered in a fashion capital? Check. The company is based in Milan, Italy but has a true global reach with team members in China, Turkey, America, and Europe. Launched in 2012, this company boasts an international team that is able to truly serve its client brands and provide the best globally-relevant luxury market and brand research to help companies establish prowess in their niches.

We identify with Fashionbi because it is the first company to specialize in digital marketing optimization for the fashion industry, similar to how Shopilly is the first optimization tool for fashionistas and shoppers. Fashionbi lets you track, compare and follow any fashion brand and helps you improve your brand performance just as Shopilly allows you to track your purchases, compare new arrivals and sales promotions, and follow your favorite retailers to help you improve and streamline your shopping experience.

Need to increase awareness for your brand, or work to solidify the associations behind your brand? Are you meaningfully tapping into social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Request information with Fashionbi today to learn more about how this company is making waves, and can help your brand make waves today too.

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter today to learn more and stay updated with the company!

Shopilly and Reiss Announce New Partnership!

We at Shopilly are very happy to be partnering with the global fashion icon, Reiss, which is launching its new Men and Women’s collection (called the “Reiss AW13 Collection”) on August 6th.

Reiss is a respected brand worldwide and has a strong following ranging from famous Hollywood celebrities to the British royal family.  Please check out a preview of the catalog below, and visit the Reiss website for a closer look at the catalogs as well.

Women's Reiss

Womenswear collection is a flexible wardrobe of timeless pieces that you can play with according to your mood.  Modern Femininity exudes the Reiss women’s wardrobe bringing the past into the future.  Feminine silhouettes are the crux of the season with staple items re-assessed and subtly re-worked, looking at detailing and fabrics.  Fabrics include modern parachute cottons, pure silks, fine gage cashmere knits and double-faced crepes.  The color focus is Rose, Absinthe, Duck egg blue, Lilacs and Lavenders, Black and Whites.

Men's Reiss

Menswear collection is timeless and believable for the self-assured man who has an adventurous spirit, rugged and boisterous.  When designing the collection, Reiss design team was inspired by how children’s books simplify grown-up situations with a playful approach.  The collection also works as separate pieces with functionality and art at its core.  The styling is a reductive and restrained offering with an undeniably stylish etiquette of dress.  The color palette is built around Persian ink, Empire blue, soft and dapper grey.  Luxurious fabrics were chosen for the collection including wool, cashmere and Italian leather.

Cheers to the Weekend with Kate Spade Saturday

We can all recognize Kate Spade by its iconic colors, perfectly chic bows and polka dots, and cute taglines and phrases that bring the brand to life (live colorfully anyone?). So when Kate Spade introduced a sister brand that boasts prices that are 50% cheaper, it was no shock when all of us non-New-York-non-Japan millennium consumers flocked to the Kate Spade Saturday website to get our hands on the coveted girly sweet (but not saccharine) products.

Saturday’s represents an offshoot of the Kate Spade brand’s success, which has only been exponentially rising over the past decade. Though still upholding the signature Kate Spade design aesthetic we know and love, this line features more affordable inventory that reaches out to a younger customer with more casual and minimalist looks.

The brand has already ascended to international prominence with six permanent stores in Japan, and plans to open more in the future. More U.S. stores are also slated to open, including other New York locations as well as outposts on the West Coast. For now, customers in the U.S. can get their hands on a $70 splatter paint wallet or a $150 canary crossover dress through purchasing online or through visitng the New York pop-up shop.


Beyond success in the Japan market, a key guerrilla marketing tactic in New York helped the brand solidify its stardom and generate buzz before announcing more store launches. A partnership with eBay to create cutting-edge window shops made Saturday’s the talk of the fashion and business world. From June to early July, “shoppable” storefront windows allowed customers to buy clothing and accessories from a catalog of 30 inventory items through a touch-screen device displayed in the windows. Passerby selected what they wanted on the screen, entered in their phone number to receive order confirmation, greeted a messenger who delivered the products within the hour to select areas for free, and payed upon delivery. Talk about truly experiencing a revolutionary brand.

Taking this a step further, Kate Spade Saturday has extended their stay at 30 Gansevoort Street in New York by building out the space behind the digital storefront. This pop-up shop will be open through October 31, with special events held every Saturday (no surprises there, but we surely approve of the weekly celebration to celebrate the brand name!)

Here are our top two favorite looks from the Kate Spade Saturday 2014 Resort Collection. Let us know which one you love more!

KSS_Resort13_LookbookSM-5-640x960 (1)

This pairing screams “live colorfully” in the most subdued way possible, and that’s why we love it. A cool lavender paired with gold accent jewelry and a pastel checkered mini-skirt? Yes, yes, and yes.


The “because we’re excited about Fall fashion” look. The combination of a simple charcoal sweater, metallic tote bag, and a soft sea-foam hue is cozy but glam. Understated, but not underwhelming.

Be sure to follow Kate Spade on Shopilly, and visit the Kate Spade Saturday website to browse through the apparel and accessories.

As always, happy shopping!

Team Shopilly

BaubleBar Offers Designer Jewelry At a Price You Can Afford

We love beautifully curated jewelry, and we’re definitely all about affordability and convenience. That’s why we love BaubleBar, an online jewelry retailer that combines the two — designer jewelry at a low price point, all through a streamlined process for shoppers.


Founded in 2011 by two Harvard Business School grads, BaubleBar is the #1 source for the latest jewelry styles, direct from designers. Its mission statement is to “create the ultimate source for fashion jewelry by offering unparalleled selection and shoppable style guidance, all at a guilt-free price point.” The company receives its products directly from designers, with new products introduced every Tuesday and Thursday, and new jewelry collections featured every Monday and Wednesday.

Company cofounders Daniella Yacobovsky and Amy Jain

Company cofounders Daniella Yacobovsky and Amy Jain

BaubleBar really is any shopper’s jewelry paradise. The website features a shopping environment that is a conduit for inspiration. The minimalist design gives users a chance to pore over pages and pages of unique jewelry pieces. The wide range of pieces, colors, and prices truly makes the online retailer a #1 hot spot for any specific jewelry taste or personality.

Even if you are confused or overwhelmed with all of the different options, BaubleBar offers a SWAT Stylist team and gives you the option to e-mail, call, video chat, or schedule an in-person styling consultation. In other words, convenience at its best.

Looks of the Week as chosen by BaubleBar's Fashion Editor & Fashion Director

Looks of the Week as chosen by BaubleBar’s Fashion Editor & Fashion Director also provide shoppers with inspiration to guide them through their shopping experience

Be sure to follow the brand through your Shopilly account to hear about sales and promotions at BaubleBar!


Shopilly Features 101

Shopilly homepage

If you like us on Facebook, you probably saw our announcement earlier this week that we’ve redesigned our homepage to make it easier for you to log in to Shopilly or create an account.

Well, that’s not all. Thanks to feedback and insight from users like you, we’ve optimized Shopilly to provide a savvy, clutter-free shopping experience. Today we’re highlighting some of our favorite features, which allow you to explore, discover, organize – and live Shopilly ever after!

Shopilly Checklist
We’ve placed this handy checklist in the Home tab to help you make the most of your Shopilly account. Have you followed your favorite brands to stay updated on their sales and new products or collections? Have you linked your email to de-clutter your inbox of marketing emails and shopping receipts? And – we couldn’t leave this one out – have you invited your friends to join Shopilly?

Visual Organization
Upon logging into Shopilly, you’ll see thumbnails in your Home tab that keep your account organized and make it easy to window shop by category, for example Hot deals, Flash sales and Fashion. Shopilly also tells you how many new emails you have in your inbox and how many new posts you have to catch up on from your favorite brands.

Recent Activity
If you’re curious about what the Shopilly brands have been up to lately, scroll down to the Recent Activity section of your Home tab. This news-like ticker is refreshed every time a brand posts an update.

What’s Popular
If you’ve already followed all of your favorite brands but are looking for a new brand or two to explore, navigate to the Brands tab and click ‘Popular’ to see which brands other Shopilly users favor. You might just discover an exciting new sale or your next favorite store!

The Shopilly Team