Shopilly and Reiss Announce New Partnership!

We at Shopilly are very happy to be partnering with the global fashion icon, Reiss, which is launching its new Men and Women’s collection (called the “Reiss AW13 Collection”) on August 6th.

Reiss is a respected brand worldwide and has a strong following ranging from famous Hollywood celebrities to the British royal family.  Please check out a preview of the catalog below, and visit the Reiss website for a closer look at the catalogs as well.

Women's Reiss

Womenswear collection is a flexible wardrobe of timeless pieces that you can play with according to your mood.  Modern Femininity exudes the Reiss women’s wardrobe bringing the past into the future.  Feminine silhouettes are the crux of the season with staple items re-assessed and subtly re-worked, looking at detailing and fabrics.  Fabrics include modern parachute cottons, pure silks, fine gage cashmere knits and double-faced crepes.  The color focus is Rose, Absinthe, Duck egg blue, Lilacs and Lavenders, Black and Whites.

Men's Reiss

Menswear collection is timeless and believable for the self-assured man who has an adventurous spirit, rugged and boisterous.  When designing the collection, Reiss design team was inspired by how children’s books simplify grown-up situations with a playful approach.  The collection also works as separate pieces with functionality and art at its core.  The styling is a reductive and restrained offering with an undeniably stylish etiquette of dress.  The color palette is built around Persian ink, Empire blue, soft and dapper grey.  Luxurious fabrics were chosen for the collection including wool, cashmere and Italian leather.

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