Decorating for a Happy Thanksgiving

‘Tis that time of the year again, when the skeletons and jack-o-lanterns of Halloween are put aside to make way for Thanksgiving decorations. Here at Shopilly, we’ve been scouring Pinterest for creative new decorating ideas, and we’re inspired by all of the beautiful boards we’ve seen. Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite ideas, along with tips on how to use Shopilly to achieve these festive looks.

Thanksgiving Candle Display

Thanksgiving Candle Display (Better Homes and Gardens via Christi Naler)
The key to putting together an interesting candle display is to vary the candle sizes, shapes and colors. Pier 1 Imports has an impressive selection of candles- we would pick up a few Ember Candles, Spiced Cake Candles and Island Orchard Candles in various sizes to create a display evocative of autumn leaves.

Edible Maple Leaf Napkin Holders

Edible Maple Leaf Napkin Holders (The Gardening Cook via Stacy Shepherd-Jordan)
The only thing better than an artistic napkin holder is an edible artistic napkin holder. This (partially) edible maple leaf napkin holder is simple to put together, but adds so much holiday cheer to any table setting. Bake up some maple leaf-shaped cookies with Williams-Sonoma’s Fall Copper Cookie Cutters, and while your cookies are in the oven, gather the best-looking leaves from your yard. After the cookies have cooled, layer one cookie over a leaf and a Solid Linen Napkin, and tie everything together with a matching ribbon.

Thankful Message Board

Thankful Message Board (Better Homes and Gardens via Lauren Miller)
If you’re having company over for Thanksgiving, leaving out a thankful message board is a fun way to engage your guests and set the mood for the holiday. You can put together a thankful message board with relatively little work- all you need is a few sheets of colorful paper and a photo frame like one of these Black & Gold Wood Gallery Frames from Restoration Hardware. Remove the glass panel from the frame and insert a sheet of colored paper as the background for the message board. For added elegance, use a textured sheet in place of a regular sheet. Cut various leaf shapes out of the remaining sheets of colored paper (hint: trace a leaf-shaped cookie cutter if it helps!), and leave them by the message board for your guests to fill out. You may also want to invest in some removable adhesive putty to attach the leaves to the board.

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!
The Shopilly Team

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