Decorating for the Holidays

Although winter brings cold weather and drastically shorter days, it also brings one of my favorite morning rituals: starting my day with a run and seeing all of the holiday lights and decorations in the early morning calm. Some of the houses in my neighborhood go all out with decorations – lights synchronized with Christmas music; roofs topped with all of Santa’s reindeer; yards full of candy canes, waving Santas and inflatable snow globes. Then there are the less invested folk – me included – whose holiday “decorations” consist of store-made wreaths and pumpkin pie-scented candles (and, let’s be honest, those are actually leftovers from Thanksgiving).

Whether you fall into the former or latter group of holiday decorators, it’s not too late to spread a little holiday cheer. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite decorations below, so if you need some inspiration to decorate your place, ditch the Scrooge attitude and take a look at our picks!

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