Four Bay Area Fashion Bloggers We Love

When it comes to choosing outfits or making decorating decisions, I tend to go the safe route and select familiar (or what I call “classic”) choices. The familiar can quickly evolve into the boring, however, so any time I need a little style pick-me-up, I like to turn my attention to the blogosphere for inspiration. This week, I’m highlighting four of my go-to style blogs from Shopilly’s home base in the San Francisco Bay Area:

SF Girl By Bay
Victoria Smith writes this “bohemian modern style” interior design blog, which I can easily spend hours at a time reading. She has a knack for discovering little known and foreign designers – take a look at this gorgeous refrigerator (never thought you would hear those two words together, did you?) by Italian manufacturer Smeg – but she also highlights styles from household names, as seen in this post on holiday layers from J. Crew.

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J. Crew

Fancy Fine
Ashley Ording’s closet is what my closet aspires to be – that is, if I had the talent and patience to shop for vintage clothes. Though she holds the covetable position of Web Merchandiser for Anthropologie and has been featured in a plethora of print and web publications, she always comes across as relatable and down-to-earth on her blog. Fancy Fine is a must-follow for fans of vintage-inspired fashion.

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The SF Style
If you love fashion but words less so, this is the blog for you. The SF Style team, Dyanna Dawson and JT Tran, captures and compiles the best of San Francisco and New York street styles in this photo-heavy blog. I love getting style inspiration from regular city folk against the backdrop of some of San Francisco’s most famous sites – here’s the blog’s very own JT looking sharp in front of the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers.

Going West
California transplant Jennie L’s blog features enviable photos of her equally enviable style. She has perfected the art of crafting edgy but classic outfits (like this outfit, one of my favorites) by combining casual brands like Urban Outfitters and high-end designers like Marc Jacobs.

If you have some favorite fashion or design bloggers of your own in the Bay Area or beyond, please give them some love in the comments below!

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