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Shopilly: Window Shop (And Save) For The Holidays.

Shopilly ( is an exciting new service that allows you to window shop, save, and organize your shopping life all in one place. It is newly launched just in time for this year’s holiday season.

At Shopilly, you get immediate access to a visually stunning collection of the latest email promotions for more than 400 top stores and brands, including Anthropolgie, Gilt, Nordstrom, and Target.

You can easily find the best deals each day from all of these brands and also personalize Shopilly to follow your favorites. So the best offers, deals and trends are all easily accessible whenever you want to window shop or make a purchase, online or in the mall.

Consumers everywhere are overwhelmed with the barrage of promotional emails they receive every day. With the holidays just around the corner, we know that will soon get worse. Shopilly helps you reduce that clutter in your inbox.

You can also use your new Shopilly email address to sign up for promotions and newsletters from other retailers. Best of all, Shopilly is free. Try it. Your shopping life is about to be transformed!

Recent Media Mentions

   Shopilly is the most-promising and spiffiest of the bunch. Its killer feature is that, with your permission, it imports spam and commercial messages from your inbox. You can set the filter to keep out the riffraff so that only trusted Shopilly-affiliated brands show up, or that all email from merchants and newsletters goes in. It can even delete the original messages from your inbox.

  Shopilly … allow(s) users to create a dedicated email address for use when shopping and browsing online. All email communications sent to that address will show up in an attractively displayed Pinterest-like visual stream…With a mobile app on the horizon, Shopilly aims to give avid online shoppers access to the deals, sales, and promotions they want to receive at a time they’ll be the most valuable.

    Sign up for the site, and you’ll have access to an online dashboard populated with the latest offers from a slew of retailers across categories… You can follow and like a select group of brands or sites and strictly keep up with those, or browse all of the retailers Shopilly tracks in order to discover new sales.

What Our Users are Saying:

“I think its great the holiday season is coming and my inbox is usually cluttered with tons of emails this is perfect to have the deals all in one place” – Betty B.

“I love how easy it is to navigate & the layout of the website is amazing.” – Mara Z.

The Team

Headquartered out of San Jose, CA, Shopilly’s eight-person team includes eBay, Yahoo, Gilt and Pixar veterans with backgrounds in ecommerce, loyalty, mobile payments, big data and consumer marketing.

Our Advisory Board includes former Chief Scientist of Amazon, former StumbleUpon CEO, and Wharton marketing professors.

Contact Us

For additional information or press inquiries, please contact Theresa Sin: or (646)-707-4650.

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