Blogger Spotlight: The Pink Peonies

Rachel Parcell is a 21-year old, multi-talented fashionista who channels her creative energy into three different jobs—designing clothing for Modbe, designing accessories for DownEast Basics, and moonlighting as a fashion blogger at Pink Peonies. Be sure to check out her blog or stay updated on her fashion excursions by connecting with her through her social media platforms (FacebookTwitter, & Pinterest).

At Shopilly, we love her experimental and fresh take on fashion. She has fun with prints, colors, and textures to create one-of-a-kind looks that always look flawless from head-to-toe. Her blog is the perfect source of inspiration for members of the fashion community as they embark upon their own personal style journeys.  

The blog features an elegant design with high-resolution photography and beautiful outfit-of-the-day posts. Common brands worn include J. Crew, H&M, Prada, Stella & Dot, among others. Beneath each picture is a list of all the items she is modeling in each look, with links directly to the product so that you can purchase them right away.

Our favorite look right now is her “On the Bright Side” ensemble, featuring J. Brand dark wash jeans, a fuchsia J. Crew sweater, a heather gray J. Crew coat, a Michael Kors beanie, Prada sunglasses, color blocked J. Crew heels, and a stunning statement necklace from J. Crew. Effortlessly chic and bright! 


Shopilly is the perfect shopping service to for fashion bloggers to connect with their favorite brands and stores to stay updated on promotional sales. With easy access to the best deals, bloggers can purchase coveted items at the cheapest price possible to feature in outfit-of-the-day or inspiration posts. Sign-up with Shopilly here!

Happy shopping and blog browsing,
Shopilly Team

Favorite Blazer Fashions from Shopilly

In celebration of Forever 21’s 30% off Sweaters + Blazers sale, we have curated a list of our five blazer favorites. Blazers are the ultimate way to hold on to your favorite fall pieces while still staying weather-conscious during the wintry season. They are also extremely versatile, and are perfect for both a day and night look! Read on to see if your favorite blazer has made the cut.

This J. Crew blazer in caramel is perfect to give your ensemble a classy finish, with crested gold buttons as a subtle yet luxe detail. Pair it with a white Oxford button-down shirt and fitted jeans for a casual cool look or with your favorite LBD for a dressier look!


Schoolboy Blazer in Wool Flannel, $198.00

We like the versatility of this neon coral blazer with gray trim from Gap; pair it with a simple monotone dress to create a business casual look, or experiment with some color-blocking for a fun day look.
Ponte Academy Blazer, $88.00 

This oxblood blazer from American Apparel is a staple for any wardrobe. This makes our list because of the beautiful simplicity of the blazer’s construction, the merlot color, and the fitted and single button details!
Women’s Blazer, $85.00

We are obsessed with this floral number from Anthropologie, inspired by the natural beauty and bold hues of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands; throw this blazer on for an artsy glam look.
Ayora Brocade Jacket, $168.00

This H&M gem rounds out the list. This fitted jacket in a soft, denim-like linen blend is an exciting hybrid between a classic denim jacket and a standard modern blazer. We are loving the result!
Blazer, $49.95 

Which one is your favorite? Be sure to stay up-to-date with sales and promotions by following brands like H&M, J. CrewAnthropologie, Gap, and American Apparel on Shopilly!

A New Way to Window Shop

For me, the phrase “window shopping” conjures up thoughts of snowy sidewalks and the famed holiday window displays of New York City.

Though I’ve never lived in New York, I’ve always loved to window shop, even if these days, my increasingly busy life makes it difficult to actually do so.

Luckily, just as we’re rounding the corner to the holiday season, Shopilly now makes it easy for me to indulge in an exciting new form of window-shopping. Whenever I have a free moment, I find myself going back to the site to browse through my favorite brands.

You can think of Shopilly as your visual inbox for everything shopping-related – great deals from your favorite brands, a history of your past purchases, receipts that you might otherwise easily misplace and – of course – a little virtual window shopping on the side.

Here’s a short guide to getting started on Shopilly:

  1. Sign up for an account. You’ll get to choose your Shopilly email address, which you can…
  2. …give out whenever you are asked for an email address while shopping online or in stores. By doing this, you’ll reduce the clutter in your personal email inbox.
  3. You can also clean up your personal email inbox retroactively – simply let Shopilly automatically import emails from your other accounts into Shopilly, and you’ll see them in your Visual Inbox.
  4. Now that your inboxes are organized, begin shopping with a clean slate. Visit the Shopilly Brands tab to explore brands in categories such as Travel, Home and Beauty, just to name a few. You can bookmark your favorite brands by following them.
  5. Then comes my favorite part of Shopilly – visit the Window Shop tab to view offers from your favorite brands. It’s as if you had a personal shopper bringing sales from your favorite stores right to your door! You can do all of your shopping directly from your Shopilly account, and once you’ve checked out using your Shopilly email address, your purchase(s) will appear in the My Purchases tab.

There you have it – your entire shopping life transformed. But I do worry a bit – is there such a thing as a window shopaholic?

What else would you like to be able to do with Shopilly? Tell us at